Canoeing On The Turquoise Waters Of Lake Louise

It’s one of those iconic must do’s in the Canadian Rockies. Experience breathtaking views as you paddle across world-famous Lake Louise towards the Victoria Glacier. Renting a canoe for one to one and a half hours is enough time to paddle to the end of the lake and back.

During the busy summer season the lake is buzzing with canoes by late morning and through the afternoon. You may have to wait for one to become available. As with many attractions the quieter times are first thing in the morning and in the early evening after the majority of tourists have left.

Even though you won’t have the water to yourself, it is still a unique way to experience the lake. At the very least it will allow you to leave behind the hoards of tourists lining the lake front and shoreline trail.



Canoe Rental Hours And Rates

  • The seasonal start up of the canoe rentals depends on when the lake thaws. Generally the boat house is open by mid-June. 
  • Rentals continue through to the end of September or October, weather permitting. (with reduced hours)
  • The hours are 8:30am to 8pm daily (weather permitting)
  • $45 per hour or $35 per half hour
  • The maximum number of people in a canoe is 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children under 55 lbs. One person in the boat must be at least 16 years of age.
  • For more information about the canoe rentals, contact the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

Tips For Renting A Canoe On Lake Louise

  • There is only one boat rental on the lake. Looking at front of the lake it is accessed by taking the pathway to the left. It is first come, first serve.
  • If you are staying at the hotel consider booking a sunrise canoe rental. This is the only way to reserve a canoe in advance. They will give you an early morning wake up call so you can get out and enjoy the solitude and tranquil blue waters of the lake.
  • The weather can fluctuate and change rapidly. The boat house closes if the lake becomes too windy, rainy, fogged in or has snow falling.
  • The temperatures tend to be cooler in June and September. In the morning and early evening during any month you need to be prepared by dressing in layers.
  • On warm days wear a sun hat and bring sunglasses, the reflection from the water is strong. Even on a cloudy day you can sunburn easily, cover up or wear sunscreen. Don’t forget to bring drinking water with you.
  • Use common sense when out on the water. Remain in your seat, don’t stand up or walk or sit on the sides of the canoe. Don’t make sudden or jerky movements or rock from side to side. Every summer we have witnessed the rescue boat go out to pull people out of the water. At a frigid 4.C you do not want to fall in the lake.



    • Audrey says

      Yes, you can bring a non-motorized boat such a a row boat, canoe or kayak to the lakes and rivers in Banff National Park. For Lake Louise keep in mind you would have to carry it from the parking lot area to the lake. I don’t think the Fairmont boat house would let you use their dock. You would have to launch from the shore, but it should be easy enough to do.

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